My Favorite LuLaRoe Consultants

I am also a Fashion Retailer for LuLaRoe. Join my VIP group on Facebook, where I post new inventory every Friday night beginning at 6 PM PT/9 PM ET.

LuLaRoe Audrey Harte on Facebook

One of the awesome things about LuLaRoe is their culture. It is a very LOVING & GIVING company. It’s all about spreading the LuLaLove! Check out these ladies’ VIP groups for some shopping fun!

Julie Prestsater

LuLaRoe My Goodness
Meet Julie Prestsater, my awesome LuLaRoe sponsor, head of Team Sass -N-Style, and also an amazing author of romantic fiction!


Kimberly Knight

LuLaRoe Kimberly Knight
Meet Kimberly Knight, my BFFL and fellow Team Sass -N- Style member! Kimberly is also a USA Today bestselling author of romantic fiction! Paula Bartoli is Kimberly’s awesome mama and also her business partner in this new venture they are tackling together! :)


Vanessa Rohbock

LuLaRoe with Vanessa Rohbock
Meet Vanessa Rohbock, another Team Sass -N- Style member! :)


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